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OEM / ODM JewelryStainless Steel Heart Diamond Earrings Clear Swarovski Crystals Stainless Steel Feature Advantages: - - - - 1, Anti-corrosion(pure strong acids excepted) | 2, Durable | 3, Non-Tarnishable | 4, Allergy Free | 5, Cool Natural Looking | 6, More Affordable in material cost | - - - - Specification: - - - - Other Material Options: | Ti2 Titanium, Copper, Brass | Crystals Options: | Swarovski Crystal, CZ Cubic Zirconia, Preciosa Crystals | Crystals inlay Options: | Glued, Claw, CNC set | Other Accents Options: | Carbon fibre, semi-precious stones, leather, wood, 925 silver | PVD Color Plating Options: | PVD IP Rose Gold, Gold, Blue, Coffee Grey, Gunmetal, Black, Grey | Finishing Options: | Shiny, matte/brush, sand blasted | Logo Engraving Options: | CNC Milled, Laser Engraved, Etching | Welding Types: | Laser Welding, Seamless Vacuum Paste Soldering, Spot welding | Earring Fasten Options: | Needle, Hook | | | - - - - Description: 1, Stainless Steel in Polish and Brush / Matte Mixed 2, Base Material can be replaced with CP Surgical grade titanium as per request 3, Crystals of swarovski crystals, preciosa crystals, Cz zirconia, carbon fiber, semi-precious stones, leather, wood can be used 4, Plating colorsof Gold, Rose Gold, Blue Gunmetal can be adopted. 5, Quality guarantee lifetime of plating is 2 years within normal wearing conditions 6, To achieve a seamless and tidy welding effect between earring face and back needle, we can also use Vacuum Paste soldering for requests 7, Your private designs, picture, sketch will be welcomed here, our people will be happy to assist you to further design Applications: - - - - Jewelry | Boutiques, shops, jewelry wholesalers, retailers, super market, watch wholesalers, Leather Belt dealers | Gift | Company activities, sales promotion, esk utensil dealers, gift dealers, wholesalers, retailers | Dress/clothes | Tie wholesalers, shirt brands, Tie retailers, tie clip dealers, suit brands, tie tack wholesalers | - - - - Materials and processing operation briefs: LOGO Presentation: 1, Etching engraved 2, Laserengraved 3, Hydraulic Pressed Finishing/burnishing options: 1, Shiny 2, Matte / Brush 3,Sand-blasted Packaging: 1, Free Industrial packaging(static foil or PVC bag) 2, Gift box packaging
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