Waterproof Electric Drift Scooter Parkour Free Running Kids Electric Scooter

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Waterproof Electric Drift Scooter Parkour Free Running Kids Electric Scooter

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Dimension(mm): | 584(L)*186(W)*178(H) |
PackingSize(mm): | 640(L)*240(W)*240(H) |
N.W.(kg): | 10 |
MaxLoad(kg): | 120 |
Tiresize(mm): | 170 |
MinTurningRadius(): | 0 |
MaxClimbing(): | 15 |
Chassisclearance(mm): | 30 |
MaxMileage(km): | 15-20 |
Pedal(mm): | 110 |
MaxSpeed(km/h): | 12 |
Tiretype: | Inflationfreesolidtire |
Waterproofanddustprooflevel: | IP54 |
BatteryShow: | LEDdisplay |
ChargeTime(hours): | 1 |
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Product features
# # Powerful motor: 1000W brushless motor, lower energy consumption, strongerpower.Energy output steadily, low-keydriving sound, let you move quietly.
# Body posture sensor: There are 2 advanced gyroscope plus gravity accelerator, make you turn aroud as close as your body.
# Automatic shutdown: If it is turn on long time but not use it, the smart scooter will turn off by itself to safe power to go further.
# Power display: There are three colors ( green, orange and red )to show the quantity of electricity, when it turns red, that means you need to charge it.
# Lightweight automobile body material: ABS bodymaterials, solid wear-resisting, never deformation.

Excellent quality come from powerful core components
# # Bodypostureinduction:Balancingisfinetunedforinstantaneouscontrol.Equippedwiththree-axis gyrosensorsand accelerometers
# Samsungbatterycells:TESLAdedicatedSamsungbatterycells,3000timesdeepcycleswithout causing battery wear, with large capacity, 20km mileage after only 60minutessingle charge.
# Imported brushless motors:Imported brushless motors guarantee enoughpower , climb 15slope without any pressure,adjusting according to your body gesture, advanced technology achieves quality, quality creates value.

How it works?

Move according to your bodys gravity
# # To move forward or backward on the Sunnytimes I-MUVE 2, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward.
# To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the foot onleft or right pedal.
# Stand straightly, you will stop moving.
# You get the sense of power and speed, yet you also feel a sense of safety and absolute control, it all feels natural, safe and instinctive.

Competitive Advantages
# # 2 Wireless Remote Controllers
# 4 level sensor under the pedal and inbalance alarm
# Over-speed alert and speed control to protect drivers
# Rainproof Design
# 2 big LED lights in the front of the scooter

# # Green light :100% full charge of power;Yellow light:50% power; Red light: 20% power, need to charge power timely
# Please charge the power regularly,if don\'t use for a longtime.
# Turn Ahead-Slow Down
# Speed limit is 10km/h.Pedal will be raised when you are over the speed to protect the rider.

Product Applications of Electric Scooter
# For Individual
# For Business
# For Patrolling
# For Tourism
# For Robotic

Packing list (Standard kits/parts)

Handle:1 pcs
Key:2 pcs
User manual:1 pcs
Steering Rod:1pcs
Battery charger:1pcs

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