Long Range Light Weight Stand On Electric Scooter Without Seat For Girls

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Long Range Light Weight Stand On Electric Scooter Without Seat For Girls

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Do you have trouble like belows?
# # Traffic jam: the problems of traffic congestion will not disappear in a hurry, so you may be always getting stuck in a heavy traffic from building when driving or being in a bus or taxi.
# Waste time: because the traffic jam, you may spend a lot of time on the needless things.


Red Standing Electric Scooter Aluminium Alloy Lightest Weight of 14 KG

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Productspecification | ModelNO.: | F1 |
Size | 98*54*119cm |
Centerlinespacingoftires: | 800mm |
Netweight: | 14kg(includingcharger) |
Productfunction | Maxload: | 120kg |
Maxspeed: | 30km/h |
Endurancemileage: | 25km |
Battarryspecification | Batterymartial: | Lithiumbattarry |
Nominalvoltage: | 36V |
Batterycapacity: | 8ah |
Motorspecification | Motortype: | DCbrushlessmotor |
Outputrating | 350w |
Maxrpm: | 900r/min |
Ratedvoltage | 36V |
Tire | Tiretype: | Pneunatictyre |
Size: | 8inch |
Charger | Voltage: | AC220V |
Outputcurrent: | 2A |
Chargingtime: | 4--4.5hours
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It can take you anywhere you want to go, it can make you became the cool man in the street, it can help you to same money and your time.Because of its portable, fashional, and durable.

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# # Aluminum alloy electric scooter body: More portable and never rust.
# Germand core technology of motor: powerful350 watt brush less motor, freely adjust the speed from 2-30km, the max speed can reach to 30km.
# Healthy, enviroment-protection and low caron: electrical, zero release, zero pollution and low noise, more durable.
# Quick-acting charging, safe your time and save power: charging time is about 4 hours, needs 4-6 hours to be fully charged. Only consume 0.6 degree of electricity for a full charging.

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The application of the electric scooter
# # Go to work
# shopping
# Go for a stroll

# # Battery protection: Pls put the electric scooter in a dry place. And in order to keep battary\'s vatility, you should charge it every two month if you let it lie idle. Since it will begin to discharge if it isn\'t been charged in time.
# Freefeet brand electric scooter F1 shows quantity of electricity by 6 frams, when the current is over 85%, it shows 6 whole frams, the frames is decreasing in pace with the decline of the current. So pls check whetherthe current isenough or not, to avoid unable to be back after a long way. In order to not afact the use of the scooter, we suggest to charge it in time after you use it. And when it shows just 1 frame left, it must be charged then. By the way, in winterthe endurance mileage will became shorter because the battery discharging faster in a low temperature enviroment.


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