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Building material nylon insulation anchor nails Fixing / Plastic Anchor Specifications Anti-age Corrosion resistant Abrupt temperature change resistance Thermal insulation Moisture proof, high compression resistant Anchor Nail Characteristics: 1. Made of Nylon sleeve, galvanized steel screw and nylon disk. 2. Anti-aging, corrosion resistant, abrupt temperature change resistant. 3. Thermal insulation, moisture-proof, high compression resistance. 4. Resistance to deformation, sound proof and excellent insulation. Data Sheet: - - - - INSULATION ANCHOR | Items | Tensile Capacity | The Added Value of Heat Transfer | Hole Size | Anchor Length | Disc Diameter | Insulation Anchors Thickness | Color | Application | 8x82 | 0.90KN | 0.0035w/(mk) | 8mm | 82mm | 50mm | 30mm | Yellow | External Wall Insulation Fixation | 8x102 | 0.90KN | 0.0035w/(mk) | 8mm | 102mm | 50mm | 50mm | Yellow | External Wall Insulation Fixation | 8x122 | 0.90KN | 0.0035w/(mk) | 8mm | 122mm | 55mm | 70mm | Yellow | External Wall Insulation Fixation | 8x132 | 0.90KN | 0.0035w/(mk) | 8mm | 132mm | 55mm | 80mm | Yellow | External Wall Insulation Fixation | 8x142 | 0.90KN | 0.0035w/(mk) | 8mm | 142mm | 55mm | 90mm | Yellow | External Wall Insulation Fixation | - - - - Products: Our company: Beijing BEIPENG New Building Materials Co.,Ltd established in 2000, which is a globallyintegrated company supply specially insulationboard and application knowledge with anannual capacity of 1,200,000 cubic meter. In2014, the total turnover volume of BEIPENGexceeds US$94million dollars with a totalstaff of 450. BEIPENG Science and Technology Researchpowered by China National Building Materials Academy.BEIPENG is the largest manufacturer of energy-saving insulation materials in China,especially well-known for extruded polystyrene insulation board (XPS board).BEIPENG is one leading manufacturer & wholesaler of green environmentalinsulation board (XPS, PIR, Rock Wool) in China.Four production lines of XPSinsulation board introduced from Germany Berstoff in 2010, and then another twoproduction lines of PU foam thermal insulationmaterials introduced from Italy OMS groupin 2012. Nowadays BEIPENG is a leader inprocessing materials used in building, coldstorage, airport, railway, waterpower, theventilation of central air conditioning and etc. BEIPENG\'s product range features high-qualityinsulation board, specialty extruded polystyreneinsulation board, polyurethane insulationboard, coating, rock wool, polymer mortar,anchor nail, fiberglass and etc. Total solutionsfrom BEIPENG replace older technologiesCFC agent, opening unforeseen innovationpossibilities for customers. We hereby meet the highest quality requirementsand maximize the advantages of technical progress,social and environmental requirements. Why choose us? 1. We\'rethe largest manufacturer and leaderof this industry in China. 2. Various styles for you to choose. 3. High and stable quality with competitive price. 4. Short lead time. 5. Sample order or smaller quantitywill be appreciated. 6. Best servicewill beoffered toour clients.

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