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The age of 3D printing has come. Our ways of life, work and ideas will be changed. Meanwhile, economic and industrial patterns of the world will also be influenced...

3D printing opens the door of the third industrial revolution and becomes a symbol of the third industrial revolution. 3D printing has swept around the world and opened the prelude to the third industrial revolution.

1) Family And School Education

3D printing subverts the traditional educational methods. Educational value of 3D printing often be regarded as a method of improving STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education by policy constitutor, educators and taxpayers.3D printer is capable of igniting the passions of learning all subjects, inspiring the passions of the new generation of students to participate in science, math and technology.

2) Architecture

3D printing model is the best method to realize visualization and accessible communication of your architecture creativity. The advantages of 3D printing is fast, flexible and cost effective,etc.. 3D printing can show more details, save more money and faster finalize the architectural plan within a shorter period of time.

3) Medical Institutions

3D printing technology has been successfully applied in medical orthopedic aspects, including pre-surgical plan, pre-implant shape, customized implants, practicing physician information exchange, presentation tools, student / resident medical education and prosthesis design.

4) Manufacturing


revolutionofthescience,technologyandinnovation.3Dprintingessentiallyisanever-evolvingprocessto make manufacturingintelligentized.

5) Designing

3D printing technology has helped the designers to solve the problems of processing technology, processing costs and modeling Complexity.

Focus M63D Printer Specification

- - - -
Basic Parameters |
Machine Color | Black/White/Red/Blue/Green |
Machine Size | 461*355*396 mm |
Print Size | 280*210*210 mm |
Packing Size | 570*465*512 mm |
N.W./G.W. | 11KG / 30KG |
Technical Parameters |
Print Technology | FDM |
Layer Resolution | 0.06-0.2mm |
Layer Thickness | 0.06-0.5mm |
Nozzle Diameter | 0.4 mm |
Nozzle Number | 1 |
Extruder Temp | 0-240 |
Hot Bed Temp | 0-110 |
Connectivity | SD Card |
Print File Format | Input:STL/OBJ,Output:G/X3G |
Operating System | Windows XP/7/Vista, Linux, Mac |
Software | Focus3D Cura |
Print Speed | 10-150mm/s |
Input voltage | AC100-250V, 50/60H,250W |
Printing Material | PLA/ABS/PVA/HIPS/PC |
Filament Color | White/Black/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green |
Filament Diameter | 3.0 mm |
- - - -


1) Robust Structure: metal frame all-in-one machine, laser cutting, seamless welding. Printing quality and stability is much better compared with ordinary wooden or acrylic frame 3D printer in the market.

2) Compact and portable: Mini desktop 3D printer certified for safe school and at-home use. And you can carry your mini factory anytime and anywhere.

3) High Printing Precision: advanced ball screw ensures high-precision printing; High-quality running track runs more smoothly. All parts are CNC machined. Positioning accuracy: x/y axis-0.01 mm, z-0.002 mm. Printing accuracy is up to 0.06 mm.

4) Simple Operation: online or offline print process without watching over. The printing can be completed just by a few simple steps. The software interface is simple and friendly, easy and quick to operate.

5) Durable Extrusion Head: Common extrusion heads use ordinary temperature-resistant materials and design. Our printers use heat resistant material alongside with more advanced design techniques with many timestrial and improvement, which makes the extrusion head last longer and more stable.

6) Reliable and Stable Printing: Focus3D printer is with metal( steel ) framework. Sturdy metal solid framework ensures high precision and stability, high quality printing and outstanding printing performance. Focus3D is a full metal structure 3D printer. In addition, all components are processed with high accuracy CNC machine to ensure high precision, high stability and long term service time.

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