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The frequency of Double conversion on-line GP11 series aim at China power grid environment and load system requirement for the high reliability of power supply and carefully designed intelligent frequency on-line UPS . System designed for The frequency of Double conversion on-line topology, completely eliminate the distractions from the grid to make the output of the UPS for a stabilized voltage regulator, filter out noise, not be interference by grid wave interference and low distortion of pure sine wave power supply. The frequency of Double conversion on-line GP11 series adopt perfect combination by DSP digital design, high-speed 16 bit digital chips and DDC control technology of ASIC with advanced high power devices IGBT and SCR perfect combination, designed the intelligent UPS that have the large capacity, high reliability and excellent performance and the capacity from 1 kva to 20 kva.

Key features:

1, Double conversion on-line design, including output isolation transformer

2, Wide input voltage design, the remarkable grid adaptability

3, Zero switching time, pure sine wave output

4, Durable and reliable industrial design, strong load compatibility

5, DC emergency start function

6, Perfect protection function, standard configuration have lightning and surge protection

7, Intelligent monitoring function, can optional SNMP card

8, Large-screen high-definition LCD Chinese and graphical display

9, Fully meet saltus of the load from 0 to 100%

Technical specifications and parameters:

- - - -
Model | GP1103KS |
Nominal capacity (VA) | 3KVA |
Nominal capacity (VA) | 220 VAC or 230VAC |
Input voltage range | (150-310)VAC |
Out put voltage range | 50 (60) Hz25% |
Frequency tracking rate | 1Hz/s |
The input power factor (PF) | >0.98 |
Maximum input current | 18A |
output voltage | 220VAC1% |
Output frequency (battery mode) | 50/60Hz0.5% |
power factor | 0.8 Lag |
Waveform distortion | 2% linear load,3% nonlinear load |
overload capacity | Output will exchange bypass the power supply after overload110-150% maintain 5minOutput will exchange bypass the power supply after overload 150% maintain 300ms |
Protection function | overload,Battery low voltage,output voltage,output over voltage,system fault,over-temperature,Current limiting protection is 1.3 times of the nominal current |
switching time | 0ms |
battery voltage | 48VDC |
charging time | 8-10hour finished 90% capacity |
LED display | Indicates a battery low voltage,AC,contravariant,bypass,UPS abnormal,Overload Indication |
LCD | Input and output voltage,frequency,battery voltage,load percentage,inner temperature |
operating temperature | 0-40 |
relative humidity | 0-95% Non -condensate |
Storage Temperature | -2555 |
Noise | <55dB(distancebox1M ) |
Net Weight (kg) | 63 |
GrossWeight (kg) | 78 |
(WDH)mm | 200*600*550 |
- - - -


1, centralized power supply for Workstations, Medium and large data centers department

2, Industrial automatic equipment, SMT chip mounter equipment

3,Transmitter station, control room, medical instruments

4, Factory production equipment

5, monitor , security systems, information center

6,I ndustrial and mining equipment, chemical industry, petrochemical production equipment

7, Others (the valuable equipment that do not allow outage)

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