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STH-240Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine for Pre-made Bag Mitsubishi PLC Touch screen interface Transducer control speed Encoder control time series Vacuum pouch opening device Emergency stop button Temperature adjustable seal QuickDetail: This horizontal packaging machine for pre-made bag adopts import AC motor andfrequency control of motor speed, run stably. Using heat sealing packing materials, the machine can complete the procedures of conveying product, weighing, conveying bags, open bags, filling product, sealing, conveying final packages continuously and automatically. The bag shape could be three sides or flour sides sealing, or stand bag, etc. Different product could be packed by choosing different filling machine. Composed by PLC, touch screen, VVVF, etc, has high integrated level and control ability. Photoelectric sensor, encoder and close switches are all adopt advanced sensing element. Suitable for flat bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag, block bottom bag, etc. Description: - - - - Item | Main features | Main machine frequency control of speed | Import AC motor & frequency control speed, stable operation, lower speed with bigger torque lead to a nice function even with a heavier load | Bag making system | Bag making system is separate from sealing. They are working under the control of PLC. It is suitable for different products & bag sizes | Products sealing system | It adopts hot sealing packaging material such as PE, complex film , etc. Automatic bag making, dosing, filling and packaging. Bag type is stand-up pouch. It can adopts various filling machines, then suitable for different products | Servo bag guiding device | It adopts PLC position module realizes the accurate positioning. Stable film guiding speed with big torque, guarantee lower error rate & nice appearance | Integrated control system | It adopts PLC, frequency control device which with a powerful control & stable operation. Touch screen lead to an easy operation. Import photoelectric sensor, encoder, proximity switch, etc presents a nice mechanotronics. | - - - - Application - Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Household, Pharmaceutical: 1. Food Industry Mayonnaise & Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Candy & Chocolate, Snack, Milk Powder, Oil Product, Dairy Food, Spices & Seasoning, Pet Food, Honey and so on. 2. Beverage Industry Coffee & Tea, Powder Drink, Water Product, Yoghurt & Liquid Milk, Fruit Juice, Beer & Liquor, Nutritional Beverages and so on. 3. Cosmetics & Personal Care Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, Baby Care, Oral Care, Bath & Shower, Cream, Toweletters, Perfumery and so on. 4. Household Industry Dishwash Product, Detergent, Laundry Product, Fabric Softener, Floor Cleaner, Air Freshener and so on. 5. Industrial Chemicals Agrichemical, adhesive, Lubricant, Paint and so on. 6. Pharmaceutical Industry Powder Pharma, Granule Pharma, Tablet Pharma, Capsule Pharma, Liquid Pharma, Ampoule and so on. Specifications: - - - - Model | STH-240 | Pouch Size | 100mm*120mm(Min.) 240mm*320(Max.) | Filling Capacity | 1500ml | Packing Speed | 40-60ppm | Power | 5.5kw | Air Consumption | 400NL/min | Weight | 1700kg | Dimension | 4100*1250*1500mm | Material Quality | Stainless steel/ Carbon steel | Packing Material | Laminated film(PE/NY/AL/PET) | Function | Doypack, Flat Pouch | - - - - Competitive Advantage: - - - - 1 | Our machines are reputed for high accuracy. | 2 | Unique with respect to container interchangeability with minimum size parts. | 3 | Quick change over, minimum down time and highly operator friendly. | 4 | Custom built for the Food and packaging Processing Industry. | 5 | Microprocessor controls with human machine interface and touch screen controls. | 6 | Can achieve filling speeds upto 300 containers per minute. | - - - - Picture show:

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