Stotless Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor 24V 120W For Electric Bikes Parts

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24V 120W Brushless DC Motors , Machinery Drive Motor , Stotless Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Quick Detail: # Brushless drive DC motor # Small volume, light weight, large output # Stepless speed regulation, wide speed range, strong overload capacity; # Soft start soft stop, brake performance is good # High reliability, good stability # Low noise, small vibration, smooth operation Description: Brushless DC motor and drive by the motor body composition, is a typical electromechanical integration products. Brushless motor without brushes and a commutator is referred (or collector ring) motor. DC motor with a response to rapid, large starting torque, rotational speed from zero to the rated speed with rated torque available performance Applications: Used for General small machinery Specifications: - - - - Product types: | Brushless drive DC motor | Model: | 2DY-F1 | Rated power: | 120W | Rated voltage: | 24V | Rated speed | 2800RPM | Custom made: | Yes | Diameter: | 40mm | Diameter for axis | 6.5mm | Motor length | 86.9mm | | | - - - - Competitive Advantage: *Low speed high power operation, can save the reducer directly drive big load; *Soft start soft stop, brake performance is good, can save the original mechanical brake or electromagnetic braking device *High efficiency, no excitation loss of the motor itself and carbon brush loss, eliminating the multilevel reduction consumption, comprehensive energy saving rate can reach 20%~60% *High reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance; *Bump resistance vibration, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, long service life; *No spark, especially suitable for the places with explosive, explosion proof type; *We have over 10 years experience in the industry,and have acquired certifications such as\"CE\"(Europe market)and ISO9000-2008 certificate.Our clients range are from Europe, South America and Southeast Asia to local retail and traders. *Our factory covers more than 10, 000 square meters and we have set up a complete range of R&D with our own in house technicians, designers and engineers. Currently, has designed over 100 models of Electric Motor, the majority of which are exported to Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

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