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36V 250WRear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor , Brushless Geared High Speed Mini Motor Quick Detail: # Brushless high-speed gearmotor for electric bicycle (ebike) # Small size # Light weight # High starting torque # Small power consumption # Form long # Long mileage Also can be:24V200W, 24V250W,36V200W,36V250W,36V350W,48V350W or other Customized Power Description: Brushless DC motor includes a motor main body and a driver, is a typical electromechanical integration products. Composed of a permanent magnet rotor, stator winding, multi position sensor. Characteristics of Brushless DC motor is a brushless, adopts the semiconductor switching devices (such as the Holzer components) to achieve the electronic commutation, namely electronic switching device used in place of the traditional contact commutator and brush. It has the advantages of high reliability, non commutation spark, mechanical noise etc. And the wheel hub motor technology also known motor technology for wheel, its greatest feature is the power device, a transmission device and a braking device are integrated together to the hub, to the mechanical part of the electric vehicle is simplified Applications: Used for electric bike / electric bicycle with spoke wheel Specifications: - - - - Voltage: | 36V | Power: | 250W | Motor Type: | Brushless Geared Mini Hub Motor | Motor Net Weight: | 2.8kgs | Motor Diameter: | 142mm | Motor shaft diameter: | M12 | Motor shaft length: | 192mm | Motor cable length: | 100cm | Hall Sensor Quantity: | 3pcs | Max. Speed: | 255RPM | Max. Torque: | 15N.M | Min. Fork Width Requirement: | Min.135mm(Single-Speed Gear, 6-Speed Gear, 7-Speed Gear) | Brake: | Disc brake roto can be installed by 6 screws | Corresponding Controller: | 48V350WController | Available Speed Gear Quantity: | Single Speed, 6-Speed, 7-Speed (Shimano) | Disc Brake Available: | Single Speed,6-Speed, 7-Speed | Available Wheel Size: | 20\", 24\", 26\", 700C, 28\" | - - - - Competitive Advantage: A: has the advantages of small size, high power, light weight, simple structure B: shock resistance, low noise, smooth operation, long service life C: startup performance, no hysteresis damping energy consumption, strong climbing ability D: high efficiency, small current, integrated energy-saving 20% E: good reliability, high stability, good waterproof, easy maintenance

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