Safety Folding Electric Hub Motor Wheelchair With Aviation Aluminum Frame

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Intelligent Drive Hub Motor Wheelchair / Folding Electric Wheelchair with Aviation Aluminum Frame

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# Folding electric wheelchair with Hub type intelligent drive motor
# Intelligent control of auto brake
# Aviation aluminum frame
# Lever type intelligent controller
# Safety belt, colliison tpe pedal plate and anti back tipping device
# Free pneumatic PU tire


This kind electric wheelchairs motor is different with others.It use thin plate-type printed armature winding. With High strength and wear-resistant gear shifting system.With Bigger starting torque, wide speed range.Low speed running and good performance for commutation ability.
And integrat the power, transmission and brake device into the wheel hub, so the mechanical part of the electric wheelchair is greatly simplified


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Product types: | Electric wheelchair |
Model: | EW-18A |
Dimensions | 1150 x 700 x 930 mm |
Spread of axles | 312 mm |
Wheelbase | 535 mm |
Ground clearance | 85 mm |
Minimum turning radius | 1.2m |
Net weight | 47 kg |
Maximum loading | 120 kg |
Front wheels | 7.5 inch |
Rear wheels | 12 inch |
Motor voltage DC | 24V(2*12V wheel hub motor) |
Motor power | 180W |
Battery | (12V 20Ah)2 |
Charging input voltage AC V | AC110V / AC220V |
Charging output voltage DC | 27.2V |
Drive range | 20km |
Maximum speed | 6km/h |
Braking performance | 1.5m |
In the Po ability | 8 |
Power consumptionkw.H/100km | 6 |
Climbing ability | 8 |
Longitudinal stability | 20 |
Lateral stability | 15 |
Obstacle height | 40mm |
Obstacle width | 100mm |
- - - -


Used for disabled people,invalid,the aged

Competitive Advantage:

*Folding can save storage space, convenient transportation.
*Intelligent control of auto brake,protect the user
*Intelligent control variable speed freely, and can place 360 degrees rotation.
*Aviation aluminum frame, light and strong.
*Low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption of motor.
*The lever type intelligent controller can be disengaged.
* Safety belt, collision type pedal plate and the anti back tipping device is more humanized design.
*It can adjust the PU handrails height, suitable for all kinds of people use body.
* Front and rear free pneumatic PU tire. Anti prick explosion-proof, economic and durable.

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