All In One PC transparent lcd touch screen for Products Show High definition

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All In One PC transparent lcd touch screen for Products Show High definition
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1. OSD language: Support Chinese, English; Other 7 languages can be customized.
2. Support 1080 P High definition display information.
3. spontaneous type transparent light projection display technology.
4. NewtransparentLCDshowcasedisplay,singlesideTFTScreen.
5. OptionalforVGAport,HDMIport,compatibleallformats.
6. WithhighgradeIRtouchscreenandhighgradeLCDPanel.

- - - -
| PanelSize | 22inchTFTLCD |
AspectRatio | 16:9 |
ActiveArea | 474.8(W)*297.1(H) |
Visualangle | Wideviewingangel |
Max.Resolution | 1680x1050 |
DotPitch | 0.3300H)x0.3300(W)mm |
NumberofColor | 16.7M |
Brightness | 300cd/m2 |
ContrastRatio | 4000:1 |
ResponsiveTime | 6ms |
PanelLife | above60000hours |

| Touchtechnology | Twopoint,multipointstouch |
Lighttransmittance | 100% |
Physicalresolution | 1000x1000 |
Touchmedia | Finger/touchpenopaqueobjects |
Responsetime | 10ms |
Clicklifetime | 60Mtimes |
power | 1W |
Maxcurrent | <350MA |
StorageMedium | Flashmemorycard,SDCard | 2gbto36gbforthecapacity |

| Videoformats | MP4(AVI:DIVX/XVID),
Audioformats | MP3 |
Photoformats | JPG |
OSDLanguage | English,Chinese,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Arabic |
Audiooutput | stereoL/R,5W*2,8 |
Powersupply | AC110V-240V,50/60HZ |
StorageTemperature | -7to65Celsiusdegree |
Temperature | -5to65Celsiusdegree |
| CPU | IntelG2020/2.9GHZ/Dualcore |
RAM | DDR3.2GB |
HDD | S-Atall500GB/16MB/5400rpm |
Graphics | InterNM10Express |
Chipset | INTEL5400 |
Powerconsumption | 30W |
Operatingsystem | Windows8/7 |
Speaker | 2*10W |
- - - -


The inside exhibit can be seen while the pictures or videos are displayed on LCD screen. To attract customer\'s attention on product brand with the combination of dynamic information and the actual product display.
sumward Transparent Video Showcase can be used in many applications: Jewelry, Gem Stone, Watch, Wine bottle, Cosmetics, Perfume set, Digital Camera, IPad/Mac book, Hand bag, High heel, and Museum Craft, etc.
Lcd touch screen all in one PC kiosk made from original Samsung/LG screen.It integrates electronic technology, computer technology, display technology, hardware and software control technology together. It covers


bag, Highheel,andMuseumCraft

1. Imported brand full HD LCD panel, clear and bright picture quality, more lower power consumption.
2. With lockable door to avoid take away flash memory card and advertising playing program.
3.Color for metal outer frame is available with Black color, Shinning-silver color, Golden Color, cream-white color; Color Is Optional.
4. Brands of LCD screen for Samsung, LG, Chime, HSD, AU, Toshiba etc, A Class 335 standard, full new and factory original packing screen.
5. Built-in superior quality stereo speakers,5W *2.
6. Powerful exactly the same as Computer,and you can use your finger to touch and do any operation to it.Include all of feature of Single version and network version.
7. The products pass the national mandatory 3 c authentication, and has the national high and new technology enterprise development of the software copyright certificate.


1. QualityGuaranteed,allofourdisplayhavetofinishmorethan48hoursagingtesttoguaranteeA-class
quality, 1yearqualityguaranteed.
2. Good after sales service,We always try our best to respond your inquiry fastest, which is really very helpful for solving your roblem at any time, our engineer is 12hrs/day on line to help you if you meet any problem, we will track the entire transport process and report to you timely, till receive all the products which you purchased from our company.
3. BestLeadtime:3-5workingtimeforsample,about15daysforbulkorder.
4. OEM/ODMservice.Wehaveengineers,professionalteamforyourOEM/ODMservicerequirements.

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