Professional Anti - Corrosion PP Chemistry Fume Hood ISO14001 / SGS

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Professional PP Laboratory Fume HoodSupplier In China PP LaboratoryFume Hood detail: PP Laboratory Fume Hood the flow plate makes bad gases in different height discharged from different parts. The ventilation cabinet discharges internal air out at the speed of 0.5m/s to guarantee there is not any residual air inside, so the ventilation efficiency is high and ventilation capacity is 450-1600m3/h. The glass window may be dragged up and down. It can be stayed on any position to provide safer, more comfort test space for experimenter. 1,Using 16+9 mm thick one-time casting molding EPOXY tabletop with edge water retaining bar. 2,Fume hood shell using 1.0 mm thick SUS 304 laser cutting process CNC punch cutting ,CNC bend to shape. 3,Front door can be moved up and down around with the glass door. 4,Liquid crystal blue screen panel. 5,Shine gray mirror glass. Description: - - - - Product Name | Professional PP Laboratory Fume HoodSupplier In China | Size | 1200(W)*850(D)*2350(L) mm;1500(W)*850(D)*2350(L) mm;1800(W)*850(D)*2350 (L) mm. | Casework | Import PP material , specialize for chemical use. | Inside Lining | Import PP material. | Worktop | Import PP material | Sash | 6mm of tempered glass. | Sash Handle | Import PP material | Illumination | with not less than 300 Lux 30W fluorescent lamp set | Cup sink | Oval shaped PP Cup sink | Water Tap | Molded in one piece copper water tap, epoxy powder coating surface with a ceramic valve. | Valve | 1Water valve. (by custom) | Exhausting Duct | Anti-corrosion PP/PVC duct | Plinth | With import PP material , specialize for chemical use. | Technical specification | Noise: less than 60db (International standard), Face velocity: 0.5m/s, 220V | Function | With an intelligent automatic delay protection device to exhaust residual corrosion air completely and prolong the service time of fume cupboard. | Socket | 4 Electric sockets, (By custom) | Exhaust fan | not include exhausting duct &exhaust fan, will provide after receiving the detailed design of exhaustion duct. | - - - - Competitive Advantage: We are manufacturer with more than 8 years professional experience , designing and making lab furniture ,we can make as your request ,the size ,the color ,the material ,the outlook. we passed ISO certificate and CE certificate, our quality is best and the price is reasonable also in China ,welcome you to consult any question about our products!
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