Heavy Duty School Biology Lab Island Bench Steel And Wood Furniture With Sink

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The most popular style Steel and wood structure island bench for laboratory / university / school - - - - 1, the cabinet with 16mm thick melamine board | 2, door, drawer panels are made of 18mm thick MDF | 3, desktop: | 4, size: L*1500*800/850mm | 5, using PVC handle and DTC105 degree hinge | 6, the reagent frame adopts aluminum alloy column | 7, the seal plate with thickness of 16mm melamine plate | 8, the framework of steel bracket adopts cold rectangular steel tube 40*60*1.5/2.0mm | - - - - Desktop(according to the demand to choose it) 12.7mm thickness Solid physiochemical board 1 in order to withstand corrosion a variety of acid and alkali substances, removal within 24 hours will not leave any traces in the surface of the plate 2 scraping and grinding resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, impact resistance 3 can inhibit the Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli and Kelaiboxi Yi Le pneumonia bacteria growth. 19mm thickness Epoxy resin board 1 Laboratory of high temperature (600 DEG C) resistant to corrosion, and commonly used chemical reagent resistance to pollution, safe and reliable 2 does not contain any paper ingredients, effectively resist the moisture in the air, especially suitable for the operation of Taiwan splash zone, free surface deformation, metamorphism of any menace from the \"rear\" 3 one core penetrations of homogeneous material, no delimitation, not swollen, no cracks, and scratches can be polished to repair. 20mm thickness Ceramic plate 1 resistance to chemical corrosion 2 high temperature of 900 DEG C 3 anti aging

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