Corrosion Resistant / Waterproof Laboratory Drug Reagent Cabinet For Schools

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Professional Manufacturer For Durable Aluminum And Wood Reagent Cabinet In China Product Details: # # Brand Name: Hopui # Place of origin: Guangzhou, China; # Certification: CE,ISO9001,ISO14001; # Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs; # Price: $350--$450; # Payment terms: T/T, LC, Western Union, etc; # Supply Ability: 100000/Year; # Delivery Time: 15-20 working days(depends on your purchasing quantity); # Packing Details: Wooden case and carton packing. Product introduction: - - - - Structure | Using 27 27mm, thickness 2.0mm aluminum alloy, the surface of epoxy powder coating. | Body | Using 16mm thick melamine board, the section surrounded by PVC waterproof edge treatment. | Drawer andDoor | 18mm thick MDF embedded explosion-proof glass the section is surrounded by PVC waterproof edge treatment. | Handle | Alloy handle | Hinge | High quality DTC Hydraulic hinge. | Water tray | Stainless steel or PVC ( optional ) | The activities layer board | Steel or stainless laminates punching (optional). | Feet | Dedicated high-strength nylon with a combination of stainless steel adjustable feet In the laboratory, Adjustment range is 0-50mm, convenient for cleaning the ground, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, etc. | - - - - Our Product advantage: 1. Products can be customized by our professional designer, according to your requires. 2. Optional materials for furniture: stainless steel, steel, wood & steel, Aluminum And Wood,PVC, PP etc. 3. Excellent performance: high temperature resistant, water-proof, corrosion resistant Anti-moisture and Anti-flame heavy load bering anti-bacteria andstatic electricity, non-toxic and completely recyclable, good appearance. 4. Market: having passed CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management environment management system, domestic clients are mainly government departments, research institution,school and hospital etc. Welcome to send your inquiry!!!
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