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Heat-Resistant Property PP Laboratory Island Bench Quick Details Type: Laboratory Furniture General Use: Commercial Furniture Material: PP material Size: L*1500*850mm Supply Ability: 100000 Sets per Year PP material is Polypropylene. This material has excellent resistance to moisture, acid and alkali corrosion and dissolve. Also resistance high temperature (-30 to 140). Applications: Widely used for the laboratory of State detection department, pharmaceuticals company, water treatment system, schools, hospital, petrochemical enterprises. 1, Structure: PP structure; 2, Worktop: 12mm thickness high quality PP board 12.7mm thickness solid physiochemical board 19mm thickness Epoxy resin board 20mm thickness ceramic plate 3, Cabinet body: 8mm thick white PP board 4, Door: 8mm thick white PP board; 5, Handle: high-strength PP handle; 6, Hinge: high-strength PP hinge; How should we choose worktop? Solid physiochemical board 1. It can withstand a variety of corrosion of acid alkali substances. 24 hours to remove don\'t leave any traces on the surface of plate. 2. Grind resistant, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to radiation. Don\'t leave any trace on the surface of plate. 3. Can inhibit the growth of staphylococcus aurous, streptococcus, Escherichia coli. Epoxy resin board. 1. High temperature resistant (600 C) laboratory and common chemical corrosion, pollution resistance, safe and reliable. 2. Do not contain any paper ingredients; effectively resist the moisture in the air, especially suitable for the work station, splashed water area, there is no table deformation and metamorphism, the trouble back at home. 3. A body through core homogeneous material, not to take off layer, not inflation, not cracked, scratches can grind the repair. Ceramic plate 1. Resistance to chemical corrosion 2. The high temperature of 900 C 3. to age The advantage of pp island bench: 1. PP island bench is light, non-toxic, good chemical stability and insulation. 2. PP island bench has good weight bearing, excellent acid-proof alkaline and excellent weather ability. 3. PP island bench is Durable, beautiful and generous. 4. Professional design and manufacture on your demand.

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