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Strong Acid And Alkali Resistant PP material Laboratory Wall Bench Quick Details Brand Name:Hopui Material:PP (Polypropylene) material Size:L*750*850mm (L*W*H) Color:Whitecolor Use:Laboratory Experiment Type:Laboratory Furniture Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS Applications: Widely used forthe laboratory of State detection department, pharmaceuticals company, water treatment system,schools, hospital,petrochemical enterprises. Characteristic PP bench is completely made of imported PP plate andhas excellent acid-proof alkaline.It isby the seamless welding test to complete. PP bench material ensures that it can withstand harsh acid and alkali environment. PP bench internal adjustable layer board do quadrilateral protuberant design, to prevent leakage. PP bench sliding door made of homogenous PP polypropylene material screws and hinges are made of 304 stainless steel material. There is 304 stainless steel balance feet at the bottom. Specifications: - - - - Worktop | 12mm thickness high quality PP board. | Color | White | Dimension | L * 750 *800/ 850mm (custom-made). | Base cabinet | 8mm thickness high quality PP board. | Door & drawer | 8mm thickness high quality PP board. | Wall cabinet | 8mm thickness high quality PP board with glass doo. | Drawer slideway | With open multi-angles quality hinges, with three knob sliding rail, no noise. Sound- absorbing material. | Handle | 8mm thickness high quality PP board. | Sink and faucet | Good quality PP material sink. | Reagent shelf | 8mm thickness high quality PP board. | - - - - Competitive Advantage: 1. PP material is qualitative light, non-toxic, electrical insulation, goodchemical stability. 2.PP wall bench hasgood bearing capability,excellent acid-proof alkalineandexcellent weatherability. 3. PP wall bench is beautiful and new type wall bench. Itcanused for a long time. 4. We supply good design andprofessional installation team if you need. 5. Good after sales service. 6. We are 8 years experience in lab furniture industry.
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