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hand type heavy lifting track jack Mechanical steel jack /rack steel jack Lever Rack Mechanical Jacks Keyword:jack,mechanical jack chinacoal08 we provide service of enterprise's customs declaration, inspection. Product Introduction Mechanical jack is also known screw jack and can be used upside down. widely used for maintenance of railway vehicles, bridge installation, mining, construction support, and lifting of vehicles and equipment, has the advantage of simple structure, easy to use, safe and reliable, which is a widely used lifting tool. Structure 1.Top cap 2.Square flat key 3.Rocker 4.Small gear 5.Small bevel gear 6.Screw 7.Lifting sleeve 8.Copper nut 9.Big bevel gear 10.Ball flat key 11.Thrust bearing 12.Shell 13.Base. Using method   1.Before using, it must be checked if the jack is normal; the components are flexible, filling oil, and correctly estimate the weight of heavy objects; choose the appropriate ton jacks, and avoid overload use.     2.Adjust the rocker stays on the teeth method, first hand directly on the rocker clockwise, so that the top heavy lifting sleeve rises rapidly.     3.Insert the handle into rocker hole, moving the handle back and forth , the weight rise. When the red line appears on the lifting sleeve, it should immediately stop moving the handle. To decrease the reverse direction when the pole teeth adjusted, weight starts to fall. Note   1.Keep the body surface clean, and periodically check the internal structure is intact, so that the small gear of inner rocker is flexible, reliable and lifting sleeve down easily.    2.The friction surface between lifting sleeve and housing must always be oiled, and other injection hole should be periodically lubricated.   3.In order to take into account the use of safe, avoid overloading, sick of work, not multi-station use, in case danger.   Model JQ 1.5         3           5           10 16 20 Rated capacity(Ton) 1.5 3 5 10 16 20 Test load(KN) 18.4 36.8 61.3 122.5    196 245 Lifting height(mm) 350 350 300 300 400    400    Min.start jacking height Over-bracket(mm) 725 725 725 800 950 950 Under-bracket(mm) 70 75 75 85 110 110 Lifting height for the handle turn a ring(mm) 15 8.5 4.3 5 2.5 2.5 The handle pull to lift full load(N) 280 280 280 530 580 580 The number of operator 1 1 1 2 2 2 The turning radius R(mm) 250 250 250 300 300 300 N.W.(kgs) 13.5 21 30 48 91 91 

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