KD3-5 Hand-cranking Span Top/mechanical Jack

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Brand Name: China Coal
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Keyword:jack,mechanical jack, KD3-5 Hand-cranking Span Top/mechanical Jack chinacoal08 http://www.chinacoalintl.com/ http://m.chinacoalintl.com/ we provide service of enterprise's customs declaration, inspection. KD3-5 Hand-cranking span top/mechanical jack Brief Introduction Hand-cranking span top/mechanical jack is the way of manual lifting tool, it can in a variety of projects and equipped with lifting falling-rising  as roof is hand force through the gears, drive the lifting or falling. When unloading heavy or down, left to move the ratchet will crank reverse rotation, manual control its speed, so as to better apply to the factory, warehouse, dock, railway, construction stack, etc, especially suitable for mobile installation of various machinery and equipment, locomotive maintenance, weight lifting, etc., the product design is reasonable, easy operation, flexible and reliable, to improve the work efficiency, reduce labor intensity play a good role. KD3-5 Hand-cranking span top/mechanical jack Operation Method 1.According to the weight of gravity collapse given the placement of choice, will not tip over when lifting;  2,Lifting and landing must be destroyed board or full collapse of the foot area in contact with the weight in order to ensure sufficient strength to prevent falling weight;  3.Place destroyed the top floor should be solid, such as the ground is soft, should be added under the base pads, destroyed the top of the center position on the pad; 4.Shake before use empty once, from low to high, check for stuck or anomalies, everything is normal to use. KD3-5 Hand-cranking span top/mechanical jack Announcements 1.Before use must know the weight, the use of the track jack, it is strictly prohibited to overload, lest cause the equipment damage accidents; 2. If the weight more than rated lifting weight, need more than one top carrying operation at the same time, keep more uniform top load carrying, up and down speed is consistent, stable; 3. when the heavy lifting, if not unloaded in a short time, you must fill plus with heavy weights below ground clearance equal to the auxiliary pad as support. KD3-5 Hand-cranking span top/mechanical jack Parameters. Rated maximum top weight (T)5 Rated maximum carrying weight(T)3 Max. lifting height (mm)200 Span top max top position(mm)60 Span top the lowest position (mm)260 Span top the lowest position(mm)520 Top Class top position(mm)720 Model Top rated maximum weight (T) lifting height (mm) Foot carrying the lowest position (mm) Take the top extreme higher position (mm) The roof bottom (mm) At the top (mm) weight (kg) KD3-5 5 200 60 260 520 720 18.5 KD7-10 10 250 70 320 630 880 30

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