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Brand Name: Dortmund
Model Number: DT-130P
Place of Origin: China
Type: Mono-Mono

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Model: DT-130P Power Max(Pm):130W Vmp (V): 17.23V Imp(A): 7.56A Voc (V): 21.72V Isc (A): 8.59A Weight(kg): 8.59kg Number of cells(pcs): 36(4*9) Type of cells:156 Poly Module Size(mm): 1252*670*30mm Type of cells: 1480*680*35mm About us: Dortmund Energy Co.,Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy utilization, devoted to the supply of solar energy-saving and solar products for more than 8 years. We are devoted to the distribution of solar technology, contribution to protection of the environment, resulting in a more harmonious and sustainable living.
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