How To Control Coal Briquette Machine Briquettes Size And Shape?

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Generally speaking, the briquette machine output products are diameter 8cm flat spherical shape briquettes, formed by the machine two rollers, thus, the output briquettes size and shape main determined by the rollers. The briquettes common with round ball shape, pillow shape and oval shape, it can through change roller mold to control. Briquette machine formed products main usage is convenient for burning or smelting and conveying, etc. Different size and shape also will influence the utilization effect as different industrials used different shape and size briquettes. Then how to choice? As we all known, big model briquette machine with big roller, roller size directly effect the production capacity, thus the bigger the roller size, the higher the production capacity, the more investment of the machine. At domestic, coal briquette machine with more and more universal utilize. Many boiler enterprise use the machine making coal powder formed to improve the burning effect and conveying. Besides, during the smelting industrial, you should form the mineral powder then smelting metal. For the briquette machine, the most important part is the rollers, as it's easy to fracture, if the roller appear slight fracture phenomenon, you must replace them. Then how to avoid the briquette machine roller damage phenomenon? During the working process, you should pay attention the following tips: 1.You can't feeding too much; 2.In the raw material can't adulterate with any metal materials, if match with rotary screen, you can separate the material first or add metal checking device at the feeding port, filter the dopant to make sure the briquette machine smoothly working.

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