Feed Pellet Mill Application And Commissioning Process:

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Feed pelle mill also called pellet feed machine, pellet feed forming machine, can process corn, soybean, straw, grass, rice husk, etc. Widel used for big, middle, small scale aquaculture, grain feed process plant, livestock farms and poultry farms using. Feed pellet machine commissioning process: 1.First, you should know pellet feed production line working process and know the working process each machine main function; 2.Before commissioning the machine, you should check the machine working condition one by one and konw all pelle machine mold hold and the matched crusher crushing size, raw material material should with small size, but shouldn't too small, the material size should better with the following distribution: lesss than 1% material size above 3.35mm, less than 5% material size above 2.0mm, about 20% material size above 1.0mm, about 30% material size above 0.5mm, about 24% material size above 0.25mm, not less than 20% mateiral size below 0.25mm, etc. 3.Before commissioning, you should clean silo first, the debris include when install left stone block and weld slag, etc. 4.Before commissioning, you should check whether used steam pipeline system with good pressure reduce function and hydrophobic function to make sure when pelleting required enough drying steam media and make sure after adjust pressure reduce valve, there are still with 0.058-0.4MPA steam. 5.Before starting the pellet mill, you should adjust roller and ring die distance at the range of 0.1-0.4mm. 6.When start the pellet mill working, the feeding capacity should gradually increase. Any questions about the feed pellet mill machine, you can send me email: info@kf-machinery.com. http://www.kefanmachine.com/Pellet_Mill/Small-Feed-Pellet-Mill.html

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