Compound Fertilizer Drum Granulator Technical Features:

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Brand Name: Henan kefan
Model Number: ZG1.8*7
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1
Color: Customized
Certificate: CE,ISO

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1. Drum fertilizer granulator granulating rate can be above 90% and unquality onces can be feeding inner the machine making secondry processing; 2. The machine working with small power, outside casted by wearable steel material, effectively expend the machine service life; 3. It's a professional special kind machine can make material through chemical reaction and rolling then forming. Under a certain liquid function, utilize cylinder rolling, making material and small granule produce extrude and forming as a ball granule. 4. Support the most save labor supporting wheel and supporting frame, supporting frame casted by high quality carbon steel, absolutely can bear the working cylinder weight, considered between the working cylinder and supporting wheel with big friction, at this part should adopt more wearable materials, another side not only can improve the machine, but also can improve the machine stable property; 5. Driving device is the important part provide the machine power, through on the frame motor and reductor drive the tooth ring on the cylinder, the machine frame casted by professional difficult deform high quality groove steel making the machine driving device more safety and stable. The drum granulator reductor through motor drive belt, on the reductor shaft there is a pinion, good mesh with outside the machine tooth ring, working cylinder and the reductor making the opposite direction. Materials from silo or conveyor conveying the cylinder end, in the working cylinder making material change to small granule, qualified products discharging from another discharging port, through the machine continue working can realize big batching production.

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