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Condition: New
Packaging: By negotiation
Capacity: 15T/H
Certificate: CE,ISO
Color: According user requires
Type: Briquette machine
MOQ: 1
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: KFXM-15
Brand Name: Henan kefan

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Briquette machine output irregular shape briquettes reasons and solutions: Coal briquetting machine roller press forming is a instant finished process, while what's briquette machine output irregular shape briquettes reasons? Today, we'll lead you the analysis the details: 1.Moisture control, raw material moisture should at the range of 5%---9%, if with too less moisture will difficult to form, if with too heavy moisture will lead to waste and increase drying cost; 2.Briquette machine pressure set, this factor effect the balling rate, balling density and strength, if forming pressure too low, the briquettes with too low strength and density, also will appear briquettes sphere edge burrs. If with too big pressure, will greatly appear crushed briquettes phenomenon and with too heavy briquetting density, low gap rate, of course will lead to difficult to burn or insufficiency burning, increase the machine loading capacity and energy consumption too much, according our experience, roller line pressing hsould control at the range of 7t-9t/cm; 3.Feeding control, during briquette machine working process, the roller top raw material feeding should be uniform will make sure roller uniform press, then ensure output high quality briquettes and high balling rate; 4.Briquettes size and shape, briquettes shape general is oval shape and pillow shape, as this shape is easy to form and with high stable, between briquettes control area is small. Contact informations: Email: Web:

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