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Brand Name: Henan kefan
Model Number: KFXM-15
Place of Origin: China
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How to feeding during briquette machine working process? When coal briquetting equipment working, you should feeding to the machine, then through roller add pressure, final briquettes discharged then through belt conveyor conveying to final products storage. General feeding methods include falling into method, sucking in method, top filling method and bottom filling method. We hereby introduce for you the first two kins method details. I.Falling into method: through box feeder conveying raw material to coal briquette machine feeding port, freefall way automatic making powder material which has already mixed feeding to the machine, when you adopt this method feeding, the filling speed and uniformity general depend on the ball nest cross-sectional area and powder speed. II.Sucking in method: the selected powder size at the range of 40-200um, if using falling into method, when ball nest too narrow, powder is difficult feeding, the machine will working with low speed and will effect the machine working efficiency, in order to improve this phenomenon, you should adopt sucking in method. During coal briquette machine working process will appear coal briquettes can't forming or final briquettes after formed is easy to be crushed, then what's the reasons cause the forming problems? 1.Coal briquette machine pressure control. Suit pressure isn't a fixed value, briquette machine should according different forming raw materials and additives batching ratio condition to adjust the most suitable pressure value. 2.Different raw material should with different treatment as coal briquette machine can press many kinds raw materials, some of them should add water or binder. 3.During coal briquettes pressing process add water and binder ratio problems. 4.Raw material size is also one factors.

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