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Model Number: KFXM-8
Brand Name: Henan kefan
Color: Customized
Type: Briquette machine
MOQ: 1
Place of Origin: China
Certificate: CE,ISO

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What's briquette machine raw material requires? Briquette machine during pressing process, if you want to get perfect forming, there are requires on raw materials. 1.Material size should control within 1mm, the ratio between granule and material total amount is about 30-40%, about 30-40%material size is 1-2mm, about 10% material size is 3-5mm granule, if raw material can't meet the requires, it should match with crusher or wheel mixer; 2.Raw material moisture control, material moisture should at about 5%, if raw material with too much moisture, will appear adhere roller skin innerwall condition, at the same time will increase final briquettes drying cost, if raw material too dry will lead to difficult to form condition; 3.Raw material should through iron remove process, you must make sure there aren't iron dust or other high hardness material mixed in the raw material, it'll damage the machine especially damage the roller skin. Contact informations: Email: Web:

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