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3000W solar power water pump is design for irrigation, 3000W solar power water pump is consist of 3000watt 380V three phase deep pump,3000watt solar pump inverter, and 4500 solar panel, the head lift of 3000W solar power water pump can be reach 167meters, and great for home special for the area, which is far from the power net, and the people have to use the diesel generator pump.


1.without using the battery for whole system, which can decrease the cost of use and maintenance

2.increase the efficiency of solar power generator, the efficiency can reach 98% up.

3.use the MPPT technology, can adjust the power of pump according to the sunlight strength.

4.the working time can reach 7-10 hours (,the working time will be effective by radiation strength at local

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The whole set of 3000W solar water pumping system is composed by the home solar panel, pumps, solar pump inverter, etc.

1. solar panels

The solar cell is made according to the photovoltaic effect theory,and it can converted solar radiation energy into electrical directly. A solar cell can only generate a about 0.5 volts, the voltage is far lower than the actual use of the desired voltage. In order to meet the needs of practical application ,solar cells should be connected to solar panels. Solar panels contains a certain number of solar cells, these solar cells are connected through a wire. Such as a component, the number of solar cell 72(Or 36,60,54), which means that a solar module can produce about 36 volts. solar panels is sealed into the physical unit Through a wire-connected ,is called solar panel which has a certain preservative, so solar panel have the ability to bear wind, hail, rain.Now solar panel are widely used in various fields and the system. When applications require a higher voltage and current and the single solar panel can not meet the requirements, the solar array can be made by single solar panel , the solar array can obtain the desired voltage and current.

2 Water Pump

Water pump is a equipment for lifting water , because the solar water system will take the frequency conversion function,you need to use water pump with three-phase 380V or three-phase 220V or Single-phase 220v To be based on the actual usage of the pump , the lift height and flowing, as well as consider the local lighting conditions. Note: a decisive impact for water lifting height and flowing,is the actual installation of the environment and the use of the environment, the customer is sure to provide accurate and comprehensive installation point of the actual environment and use environment after installation.

3.Solar water pump controller

Solar water pump controller is integrate MPPT and frequency conversion control technology,and support the fixed rotor double plastic package motor, high efficiency asynchronous induction motor and high speed switch reluctance motor with DC, permanent magnetism, brushless, and no-position sensor to drive the pump.

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