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Porcelain station post insulator is one of porcelain insulator consisting of one post insulator unit or assembly of such units and is intended to give rigid support to a live part which is insulated from earth or from another live part. At both ends of porcelain station post insulator is usually same. It is an insulator of columnar shape, As a reputed insulator manufacturer, producing the post type insulator has According to IEC273 standard´╝Ü Type No.: cantilever strength and lightning impulse withstand voltage Cantilever strength can be: 4KN, 6KN, 8KN, 10KN, 12.5KN, 16KN Lightning impulse withstand voltage 60KV, 95KV, 125KV, 150KV, 170KV, 200KV, 250kV, 325KV, 450KV, 550KV, 650KV, 750KV, 950KV, 1050KV, 1175KV, 1300KV, 1425KV, 1550KV, 1800KV, 1950KV Porcelain station post insulator is often used in power station and substation for supporting and insulation wire. Sometimes it called porcelain solid-core insulator. Porcelain station post insulators are available in various electrical and mechanical rating. There are two types for this series, normal and anti-pollution type. Contact us: whatsapp:+86 13103853804 skype:summer.shao insulatorsummer(at)gamil.com www.orientinsulators.com www.pin-insulators.com
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