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Aluminum Pool Fence - Away from Water Hazards Aluminum pool fence, supplied by our company, is generally considered to be an attractive, safe and no-rust device to decorate surrounding landscape and keep potential water hazard away from your small children and pets. All of our aluminum fences are made of quality alloy 6005-T5 with a variety of styles for you to choose form. Blue aluminum pool fence are applied to enclose a small swimming pool. Aluminum pool fence When it comes to choosing pool fencing, there are a lot of local codes which vary in different places. So if you are going to purchase aluminum pool fences, don\'t forget to check with your local building department what codes you need to meet. And here are the most important compliance factors of pool fencing provided by our fence professionals: The height of pool fencing must be at least 48\". The maximum vertical clearance between the ground and the bottom of the pool fencing must be less than 4\". Openings between vertical pickets must be less than 4\". The distance between the mid-rail and the bottom rail is less than 45\". Aluminum pool fence gates shall be self-closing, self-latching and open outward. The release mechanism of self-latching device must be at least 54\" high above the ground. Details: Material High strength 6005-T5 alloy with min. strength 35,000 psi Picket Residential: 5/8\"square
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