SP-510/580 Automatic BOPS Thermoforming Machine With Stacking

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Features: 1. SP-510/580 Automatic BOPS Thermoforming Machine With Stacking used for forming BOPS/ HIPS/ PS/PVC/PET plastic sheet into various of boxes, dishes, trays, bowls and lids. 2.Combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and it combines the material sending, heating, forming and cutting onto one process. The final products already cut one by one. 3. The whole system is controlled a micro PLC, which can be operated in man-interface. And has capability reliable, quality jarless, fault few. 4. Has three operation models: manual, semi-automatic and automatic 5. Servo motor drives the sheet transport system 6.Has quickly production capacity, highly utilization ratios of plastic sheet,Low air consumption and maintenance,beautiful final ready products,so it is a new generation ideal package equipment 7. Telecommuting and memory reserve functionshttp://www.cn-sinoplast.com/

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