Kitchen Gas Appliance With Added Bonus Of 15%energy

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Warning: Use of the X-PERI Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve may result in SAVING MONEY on your next Gas Bill! Never Worry That The Gas Have Not Been Shut Off Again! Have you ever found that the gas charges was risking because you often forgot to turn it off? Have you woken up during the night, worried that you may have left the gas still on? Rest Easy Now! Now, with X-PERI, you\'ll never have to get out of bed again to run downstairs or outside and check if you left the gas on. Just let the X-peri take care of it for you! The X-PERI is simple to install and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. 1.No special tools are required. 2.No programming or tricky wires to run or install. 3.Applies to gas stoves which can use artificial gas, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas . 4.Mechanical structure, no additional power supply 5.Double insurance in case of the pipe fall off or broken,When the pipe fall off or broken in accident,This parts can cut off the gas to make sure them in safety. 6.User friendly 7.Stopping method: Spring return method 8.Free time set-up(max 120 minuets) 9.Alarming before valve stop Save Money Now Enjoy cooking on your natural gas or propane without worrying about shutting off the gas -- our X-PERI Valve will turn it off for you. The X-PERI Valve automatically shuts off the gas to prevent the waste of expensive Propane or Natural Gas. Just set the timer for up to 60 minutes and X-PERI shuts it off when the time runs out. Prevent waste of gas after your food is removed from the grill while still burning off excess grease and residue. X-PERI valve can also automatically turn off your fireplace gas to help prevent waste when you forget to shut the manual valve to your fireplace. Just set the timer on the top of the X-PERI to the amount of time you want to grill your food or enjoy your fireplace. The X-PERI Valve is an automatic shut-off valve and timer that can be set to any desired shut-off time up to one hour. For your convenience, the dial is marked in 5 minute increments. Easy to Install The X-PERI Valve comes with easy to follow installation instructions. No special tools are required. Install your valve at a convenient place between the tank and the grill, as close to the regulator as possible, for easy access to the timer head. Engineered with a rugged, weatherproof aluminum housing and field tested components for continuous safe operation. Not only will you save energy, but you will have peace of mind knowing you can no longer accidentally leave unattended fuel burning in and around your home. Used in Gas Pipelines (A-Type ) Used in Liquified Gas Containers(B-Type) The X-PERI Valve comes in two sizes: 10.5x6.2x10cm/4.1x2.4x3.94\" 15x6.2x10cm/5.9x2.4x3.94\" These sizes refer to the diameter of the gas piping or hose supplying your device. Check your exact installation to be certain you order the right diameter connection. X-PERI Valves prevent waste of Propane and Natural Gas on Barbeque Grills and Fireplaces. Enjoy cooking on your gas grill without the worry of forgetting to shut off the gas. The X-PERI takes care of that for you. Just set the timer for up to 60 minutes, and the gas shuts off automatically. No more running out of gas because you left the grill on all night! The X-PERI can also be used for Gas Fireplace Lighters. Just set the Xperi timer and enjoy your fire without worrying about shutting off the gas. The X-PERI turns it off for you! Each X-PERI has a rugged, weatherproof aluminum housing to withstand temperatures of over 800 degrees F. They\'re also easy to install and no special tools are required. Want to save money on wasted propane or natural gas? Get a X-PERI Valve Order now
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