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Jiangsu Yizhong CNC Machine Tools Co.,Ltd is the backbone machine tool manufacturer in China. It has three share-holding companies. They are Jiangsu Yizhong CNC Machine Tools, Yizhong Technology(Jiangsu) share-holding company, and Jiangsu Yizhong Automation Research Institute.

Jiangsu Yizhong CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd
Product: CNC plate beveling machine, CNC plate edging machine, plate edge dual sides milling machine, plate edge triple sides milling center, CNC plano milling machine.

Yizhong Technology (Jiangsu) Share-holding Company
Product: C frame hydraulic press for shipyard, heavy duty portal press for shipyard, plano hydraulic press with movable press head, plano type hydraulic press with movable table, horizontal hydraulic press, CNC drilling and milling machine series, PLC frame bending machine.

Jiangsu Yizhong Automation Research Institute
This research institute is jointly established by Shanghai Jiaotong university, northeast university, and Zhejiang university. In the mean time, it is the university-industry collaboration station of Shanghai Jiaotong university, Northeast university of China, and Zhejiang university.

The group is the high and new technology enterprise of the state, software property ownership enterprise of the state, innovation enterprise of Jiangsu, innovation vanguard enterprise of the state, qualified product enterprise of Jiangsu. Centers established are the engineering technology research center of shipbuilding plate machining machine tools, enterprise technology center of Jiangsu, subsidy center of intellectual manufacturing and CNC machine tools. Company products are exported to New Zealand, Australia and other countries. The company also owns many state properties.
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Jiangsu Yizhong CNC Machine Tools Co.,Ltd
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US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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Eastern Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East
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11% - 20%
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