Hot-rolled Equal-leg Angle Steel

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Hot-rolled Equal-leg Angle Steel Introduction
Angle steel is commonly known as Angle, both sides each other into vertical Angle of strip steel.With equal Angle and unequal Angle.Equal Angle of two sides equal width.Its specification in a thick edge width x width x while millimeters said.such as “&#8736;30×30×3”&#65292;It indicates that the width of 30 mm, while equal Angle steel thickness is 3 mm.Also available model, said the model is the number of centimeters wide, such as < 3 #.Model does not represent the size of the same type of different edge thickness, thus in the contract documents, such as general Angle width, and thickness size fill in complete, avoid expressed in model alone. Of the specifications of the hot-rolled equilateral Angle steel for # 2 - # 20.
Hot-rolled Equal-leg Angle Steel Parameters
Shape bending: equal Angle steel bending is not more than 4 mm per meter. More than 5 types of total curvature is not more than 0.4% of the total length.
By mutual agreement, can supply the total curvature is not more than 0.2% of the total length of equal Angle steel.
Reverse: equal Angle shall not have apparent reverse.
Length: usually equal Angle usually length shall meet the following requirements.
Model 2-9 10-14 16-20
Lengh M 4-12 4-19 6-19
Length and allowable deviation length, times feet length: equal Angle according to the scale or length of delivery times ruler, should be indicated in the contract. The allowable deviation of + 50 MM length.
Weight and allowable deviation equal Angle according to the theory or actual weight delivery of the goods.
Equal Angle to calculate the theoretical weight, the density of steel is 7.85 G/cm2.
According to the agreement, equilateral Angle steel weight deviation may not exceed the allowed + 3% per meter.

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