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Brand Name: Yide
Place of Origin: China
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Color: blue and white
Material: porcelain

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Tea cup is utensil to hold tea water. The water came from the teapot, poured into the cup,after the guests taste the tea. Tea cup has two sizes: small tea cup is mainly used to taste Oolong tea, also called sample tea cup, match with fragrance-smelling cup to use; large tea cup is utensil to used to brew and hold tea, mainly for upmarket famous tea tasting. The whole porcess from mining soil, filter mud, casting, hand drawing ornamentation, sculpture to firing are handmade, demanding unique skills. The ornamentation is hand painted blue and white underglaze red scrolling lotus flowers. Scrolling pattern is is an auspicious decoration in traditional Chinese culture. It is refined out of a vine grass, it is colorful and full of dynamic. Scrolling branches is also known as longevity vines, because of its continuous structure, it shows a meaning of endless development and long life. The Chinese people like lotus since ancient times, and it is originated in Chinese Taoist culture. Lotus in the Taoist culture are symbols of Practitioners, that they live in the world of Five Turbidities, but they don\'t get influenced´╝î undergo the baptism and becomes one of the Taoist symbols. Meanwhile, in Ancient Chinese Literature, lotus is thought as gentlemen that living in the silt but not imbrued. All these along with interlock branch of continuous reproduction, shows the eternal pursuit of outstanding character by Chinese people. Yide Ceramic for the fine craftsmanship of the folk craft master, there are quality assurance for the Ceramic products. Customization is welcome.
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