Diamond/CBN Wheel For Cutting Tools

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Tool & Cutter wheels are manufactured with the newest available technology and used as CNC Grinder Wheels for the Fluting, Gashing and Clearance Angles of Tungsten Carbide, HSS, Stainless drills, mills and reamers. Two series of Bond system are available: Polyimide and Hybrid. Machines: Walter, Anca, Ewag, Schutte, Schneeberger, Makino, TG-5, Stuer, Strausak, Cincinnati, Griffo, Huffman, Jungner Polyimide bond For small stock removal and provides perfect finishing when sharpening carbide tools. Polyimide is the high-performance duroplastic resin. Compared to phenolic resin, it features much better performance in temperature durability (more than 300degree Celsius) and flowability. Polyimide grinding wheel provides high cutting efficiency, excellent profile stability and easily being dressed. It is widely used for fresh tool manufacturing and re-sharpening process in Milling & Drilling operations. It offers good finishing and high price-to-performance ratio. Hybrid bond For large stock removal and high feed speed, low machine power. E-Grind has newly developed Hybrid wheels, which ensure higher material removal without compromising the surface finish, while ensuring considerable reduction in cycle times. These wheels can be used for both new tool manufacturing and re-sharpening, on CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders. Hybrid wheels can provide the following benefits: ?Extremely high stock removal rates ?Maximum cutting ability ?Easy dressing ?Higher productivity ?Shorter process time during flute grinding ?Low grinding forces ?High process stability ?Quiet and even grinding process ?Best tool quality Hybrid diamond and CBN wheels are used for Fluting, Clearance & Gashing grinding operations. Our Fluting wheels have shown excellent grinding performance in flute grinding with high stock removal capacity (almost 4mm to 6mm per cutting) combined with a minimum of wheel wear.
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