Apollo Seiko DCS-30UPL Nitregen Soldering Tip Cartridge,DCS Series Tips,Apollo S

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Brand Name: Apollo
Model Number: DCS-30UPL
Place of Origin: China
Type: Export
Color: Black/White
Material: pure oxygen-free copper
Certificate: SGS

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Apollo soldering tips cartridge DCS series: Leisto\'s production Apollo Seiko compatible soldering tips have good performance such as low temperature difference (plus-minus 10 degree),smooth solder wetting performance.The great base copper & precise plating technology improves the thermal conductivity and reduce the temperature recovery time.The soldering tip can make the robots get the most out of automated soldering: working stable, low faulty soldering joints. Specifications of Apollo DCS-30UPL Soldering Tip: two side tinning, DC48V Total Length: 101mm, Diameter: 6.4mm Tip width: a: 3.0mm, b: 1.5mm Tip thickness (c): 3.0mm Tin area, two side (d): 4.0mm Advantages of Leisto Soldering Tip: - made with pure oxygen-free copper - long time electroplating makes the plating layer more denser, the life time is longer than other tips - short lead time for standard robot tips - the cost is much lower than original tips - Custom made available - offer sample for testing Tip Cleaning Notes: If the sponge cleaner is utilized, air-blow cleaning is normally not required. Some applications require air-blow & sponge tip cleaning (depending upon tip type) Standard cleaning duration is 0.5 second The iron tip does not need to be extended if not required The air-blow cup is not included with the standard Luna system If the tip is not wetting with solder (oxidation): Remove pre-solder on tip completely. Remove oxidation by sand paper after cooling down the iron tip to room temperature. Turn on the power and apply solder on the iron tip during rising the temperature (manually). The tip will wet with solder by the above process. Ms Shelia LEISTO INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED Tel.: +86 755 29472883 H/P: +86 18814350173 www.soldering-iron-tips.com www.soldering-tips.com Skype: leisto.sales5 E-mail:sales5@leisto.com

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