Anodized Aluminum Coil Sheet

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Brand Name: Dilon
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 Ton
Color: available
Material: Aluminum

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1.Decorative Anodized Aluminum Coil (1000,3000,5000 series)
2.Anodized on surface
3.Light and easy to be bend


Decorative Anodized Aluminum Coil

we are a professional Chinese company that specializes in making high quality Anodized Aluminum with our advanced continuous anodizing processing line. We could control the quality, delivery time and offer a reasonable price for you.

Features of Dilon Andoize Aluminum:
1) Light and easy to be bend, has protective film on surface,no damage during processing.
2)Good UV-esistance:can be used in different kinds of environment, they are corrosion-resistance,no oxidation, dampproof,salt fog-resistance, acerbity and alkali resistance.
3) Pollution-resistance:finger printer is not easy to stay. easy to clean ,is very suitable for using in air pollution’s area.
4) Scratch-resistance:oxide layer is rigid.Grade of surface hardness reaches to the level of sapphire .hard to be scratched.common cleaning process won’t make damage to the surface.
5) The color is equal on surface,oxide layer will never be break off.
6) High security:anlistatig, cooling,aluminium is good at fire-resistance. There is no poisonous gas after burning,it answer for strict fire control policy.
7) New designs are updated every month.We can explore new designs for Customers as requirements.
8) The raw mirror aluminum import from Germany,Spain.
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