Electroplated diamond grinding wheel, cutting wheel, grooving wheel

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Brand Name: More Super Hard Products
Model Number: electroplated diamond grinding wheel
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Type: 1A1, 14A1...
Material: Diamond, CBN
Certificate: ISO 9001:2000
Grade: Good
Usage: steel cuitting, stone gooving
Capacity: 5000 pcs/month
Product: electroplated diamond grinding wheel, cutting wheel
Samle : Available
Contact: owen @ moresuperhard.com

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More Super Hard Products Co., Ltd.

owen @ moresuperhard.com

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel, electroplated diamond grinding disc, electroplated diamond cutting wheel, electroplated diamond grooving wheel, electroplated diamond grinding mounted points, electroplated diamond burs

- Brand: More Super Hard

- Bonding Agent: Electroplated

- Type: Grinding wheel, Polishing wheel, Grooving wheel, Cutting wheel

- Type Code: 1A1, 1V1, 1EE1, 1FF1, 3A1, 11A2, 6A9, 14A1,14A1R,11V9, 11C9, 4A2, 6A1,6A2, 12A2, 9A3, 1F1,12V2, 1L1, 14EE1, 4B1, 14E1, 4A2P, 11B2, 6A2T, 11V2, 9A1, 1A1R, 1F1, 1A8, 9A1, 9A1B,3K1, 1A1W, 4V2, 1A3, 1A2T, 1A2, 12C9, 14E6Q, etc.

- Material: Diamond, CBN

- Size: D. 5-500mm; T. 5-40mm; H. 10-127mm.

- Line speed: 35~80 (M/S)

- Grit: 30#~320# (D711-D46)

- Application: Glass grinding, Steel Cutting, Steel grooving, Ceramic grinding, Stone cutting, Stone Carving, Ceramic tiles cutting

- Application Industry: Jewelry, Automobile, Aerospace , Metal processing

- Certification: ISO 9001:2000

- Packing: Carton box with foam box. (Gift package is available)

- MOQ: 5 pieces

- Delivery Time: 5—10 Days

- Sample: Available

Contact Owen for more details, via owen @ moresuperhard.com
Features of Electroplated diamond cutting wheel:
- Larger depth of grinding possible, which has not been achieved with the conventional bond wheels. This means substantial increase in the grinding removal of work per unit time.
- Large space functioning as a chip pocket during grinding and smooth discharge of chips, which in turn prevents clogging.
- Minimization of any cutting sound and spindle loading current by controlling the contact area between the work and wheel, thereby contributing to energy conservation.
Application of Electroplated diamond cutting wheel:

- Used for surface grinding of hard and brittle nonmetals such as optical glass, jewel, stones, ceramic.
- Deep grinding and molding grinding of hard carbide products and some metals.
- Steel cutting & grooving, ceramic cutting & carving

Product Range:
- Vitrified/Ceramic bond diamond & CBN tools
- Resin bond diamond & CBN tools
- Electroplated diamond & CBN tools
- Metal diamond & CBN tools
- PCD/PCBN cutting tools, milling tools, drilling tools, reamers, boring tools
- PDC drilling tools, PDC drill bits, PDC drill bit inserts
- TSP Polycrystalline diamond, TSP inserts
- CVD diamond plate

Please provide us details when you order, For example,
Product needed: Electroplated diamond grinding wheel
1) Diameter (25, 40,100,200,300…750mm)
2) Hole/state bore dimension
3) Thickness (4/5/6/8/10/…40/50/60mm)
4) Shape (1A1 /1A1R/1A8/1A1W/1L1/1F1/6A2/12A2/11V9/4A1/14A1…)
5) Grit size (16/18, 18/20…40/45,80/100…325/400. In GB or ISO standard)
6) Other request
Contact Owen for more details, via owen @ moresuperhard.com
Mr. Owen Ma

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