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THREE RED CARROT Fresh three red carrot ( carrot itself inner core is red , carrot itself skin is red and carrot itself flesh...

Tags: Biscuits

Food Additive

Food Additive We manufacture all kinds of Additive (food,cosmetics) material, and our Additive Industry goods as follow: Cosm...

Tags: Food Additive Food Packaging


PE AGRICULTURE FILM PE agriculture film were green and Environmental protection film for vegetable and agriculture Field. agric...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

Polyester Film

Polyester film BOPET film (biaxially oriented Polyester films) featurines good thermal stability and tenacity; low air and wa...

Tags: Polyester Film

BOPP/BOPA/BOPET Film For EVA,PVDC,acrylic Coating Laminating Films

BOPP/BOPA/BOPET film for EVA,PVDC,acrylic coating laminating films BOPP/BOPA/BOPET film glossy and matte for EVA, PVDC acrylic ...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPP BOPET Tape Grade Film Clear For Jumbo Rolls Adhesive Tape

BOPP BOPET tape grade film clear for jumbo rolls adhesive tape BOPP BOPET tape grade film clear were used for manufacturing BO...

Tags: Apparel Machinery

Round Knife,Flanges,magnetic Powder Clutch And Air Shaft,pad Shaft And Flanges

Round knife,Flanges,magnetic powder clutch and Air shaft,pad shaft and Flanges 1.lager round knife ( speed steel) Knives Size:...

Tags: Flanges

BOPET Thermal Transfer Basic Film

BOPET thermal transfer basic film BOPET thermal transfer basic film were used for manufacturing Thermal Transfer color Ribbons....

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPP/BOPET Metallized Capacitor Film (silver)

BOPP/BOPET Metallized Capacitor Film (silver) Metallized BOPP/BOPET Capacitor Film (silver film) have two items : 1. Zn/Al Me...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPA Film For Laminating And Printing

BOPA film for laminating and printing Biaxially oriented nylon film (BOPA film),has excellent characteristics,can be used for a...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPP Opaque Film

BOPP white opaque film (BOPP pearlized film) BOPP white opaque film (BOPP pearlized film) production line consists of casting s...

Tags: Bopp Film

BOPP Flower Wrapping Film Smaller Roll /sheet Cut Size Printed

BOPP flower wrapping film smaller roll /sheet cut size printed BOPP flower film included BOPP foil,PP flower wrapping film,bop...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

Bopp Flower Wrapping Film

Bopp flower wrapping film Bopp flower wrapping film (BOPP foil or BOPP paper or superclear cellophane) in smaller rolls Thi...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

CPP Film (Cast Polypropylene Film)

CPP Film (Cast polypropylene film) CPP film (cast polypropylene film) were used for food and medicine flexible packaging, as we...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPP Matte Film (15,18,20 Microns) Matt Polypropylene Film

BOPP Matte film (15,18,20 microns) matt Polypropylene film BOPP Matte film were like paper and kerchief. Thickness:12,15,17,18...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

Nylon Film (BOPA Film)

Nylon film (BOPA film) Nylon film (BOPA film) is super packing material for printing and lamination. Biaxially oriented nylon...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPS Window Envelope Film (Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene Film)

BOPS window envelope film (Biaxially oriented polystyrene film) 1. BOPS window envelope film (environmental protection type) ...

Tags: Plastic Packaging

BOPET TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbons) Basic Film Series For Carbon

BOPET TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbons) basic film series for carbon BOPET TTR film were basic film for BOPET Thermal Transfer co...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPET Film (Polyester Film)

BOPET film (Polyester film) BOPET film (biaxially oriented Polyester films) featurines good thermal stability and tenacity; lo...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

Heat Sealable Polypropylene Film

Heat sealable Polypropylene film Super clear and glossy BOPP film (Polypropylene film) with single/both side(s) corona treated...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPP Film (3-75 Microns)

BOPP Film (3-75 microns) BOPP film (BOPP FOIL) is a packing film with a superior mechanical nature, transparent and moisture pr...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

BOPP Bags For Clothes Packing And For Office Things Packing

BOPP bags for clothes packing and for office things packing We manufacturer all kinds of BOPP bags(clear/transparent,color an...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

PP PET Packing Belt Or Strap

PP PET packing belt or strap PP/PET packing belt or strap were used for packing cartons and cargos during transportation, they...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

Tape For Dates

TAPE FOR DATES (PET thermal transfer opening ribbons,date tape) Tape for dates (date tape,opening tape,thermal transfer color r...

Tags: Tape

Tear Clips Tear Band

Tear clips tear band Tear clips (tear band,tear tape,tear strip) for closing bags. The tear clip have two lines of steel/iron ...

Tags: Packaging Tubes

PVC PE Food Cling Wrapping Film

PVC PE food cling wrapping film 1. PVC food grade film or PVC cling film which were used for food packing in super market or o...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

POF Shrinkage Cling Film (POF Film,Polyolefin Shrink Film)

POF shrinkage cling film (POF film,Polyolefin Shrink Film) Types: POF Film included POF hest shrink Cling Film and POF macro pe...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

Acrylic Acid Coating Film

Acrylic acid coating film 1. ACRYLIC ACID COATING BOPP FILM Acrylic coated BOPP film on one or two side(s) with a detailed des...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

PVDC Coating Film -K Film (BOPP/BOPA/BOPET Film Coated PVDC)

PVDC coating film -K film (BOPP/BOPA/BOPET film coated PVDC) 1 Types for PVDC coating film -K film PVDC coating film -K film (...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

EVA Coating Film (BOPET/BOPA/BOPP Thermal Laminating Film)

EVA coating film (BOPET/BOPA/BOPP thermal laminating Film) Eva coating film (BOPET/BOPA/BOPP thermal laminating Film) glossy/ma...

Tags: Industrial Packaging

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