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Flower pot : It is used in gardening utensils , large rounded bottom of the mouth of a small desk or inverted bevel shape, texture and more of Fujian granite, yellow embroidered stone, Putian embroidery , marble , granite, sandstone. Flower pot classification : In recent years, some large squares, bustling downtown and other special lots, due to the implementation of the loess is not open-air works , so this kind of lots of green landscaping mostly through the use of various types of flower pots to achieve. In the streets, in twos and threes flower pots , lined up in the flower pot , colorful seasonal flowers planted in the meantime, through regular watering , fertilizing , after curing , they received a nice visual effects . Popular place to spend the streets , so that the production of flower pot manufacturers come into play. With previous ceramic pots , pot , marble planters difference is , now made of granite stone flower pot with a variety of dominance in the market. Here are some common flower pot : 1 stone flower pot , flower pots this is a good use is made of stone carving , its fine particles, better texture , color variety, the effect of the surface can be done . 2 granite flower pot , flower pots hard texture of granite dense , high strength , weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption, beautiful color, but also saved more than a century , beautiful colors. 3 marble granite , marble flower pot soft texture and beautiful and dignified, elegant style , color range , good rigidity, high hardness, wear resistance, temperature deformation. Convenient and simple maintenance , long service life. When selecting the flower pot , but also pay attention to the size , height to the right. Flower pot is too large, as thin wear big clothes , affecting the appearance , but large and small flower pot plants , plant absorption capacity is relatively weak. After watering basin for a long time kept moist , difficulty breathing flowers , easily lead to rot.
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