Emulsified Epoxy Resin Grouting Material

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Brand Name: huaqian
Place of Origin: beijing ,china
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ton
Type: factory
Certificate: ISO

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Description: This product is made up of emulsified epoxy resin \\ additives and hard padding. It has a micro-expansion, fluidity, and good intensity \\flexibility\\ erosion resistance .The product has a great adhesion with various medium bases and it can be used in moisture base. Features: 1. High intensity & flexibility : a good compression resistance 、super adhesion than general cement -based grouting material and strong adaptability for shaking environment. 2. Fluidity: can fill the whole gap and accord to secondary grouting. 3. Non-shrinkage: make sure close contact between equipment and foundation, make sure high-accuracy as required. 4. Low-level heat emission: operating time can reach as long as 120 min. (25℃\\77 ℉) .suitable for large volume grouting. 5. Strong adhesion: can be used in moisture base ,and a good adhesion for concrete \\ ceramic tile\\ glass \\ steel plate and various smooth base, excellent waterproof \\ anti-leakage & acid-resistant. 6. Erosion resistance: can burden long contact erosion with acid、alkali、salt、oil and other chemical products. Long endurance and conform to Green Environmental Protection Requirements. Application: 1. It can be used in the secondary grouting installation of compressor \\pump\\punch machine\\crusher\\ball grinder\\and other high vibration equipment etc. it can be also used in the grouting of equipment foundation section which subjects to chemical erosion. It can be used in the grouting of track foundation\\ support saddle of bridge and other heavy-pressure section ; it can be also used in concrete strengthening and repairing work of architecture structure. Specification No. Items Test Index 1 Fluidity(mm) ≥270 2 Vertical Expansion Rate (%) ≥0.02 3 28days Bending Strength (M pa) ≥5 4 28days Neutral Low Specific resistance(mm) <5.0 5 Compressive Strength (M pa) 3days ≥20 6 7days ≥40 7 28days ≥55 8 Fastening Strength of Reinforcing Steel Bars(M pa) Round Bar ≥6 9 Deformed Bar ≥13 10 Sulfuric Acid Ph=2 Non-dropping& Non-leakage with one year soaking 11 Hydrochloric Acid 2% Non-dropping& Non-leakage with one year soaking 12 Sodium Hydrate 10% Non-dropping& Non-leakage with one year soaking 13 Sodium Oxide Saturated Solution Non-dropping& Non-leakage with one year soaking Notes: 1. Compressive Strength: according to GB177-85 Strength of Cement Mastic Testing Method 2. Expansion Rate: according to GB119-88 Application of Cement Additives Technical Specifications

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