QYW Wind And Sand Sewage Submersible Pump

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Brand Name: hwgk
Place of Origin: china
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QYW Wind and sand sewage submersible pump

1. small size, light weight
2. large flow
3. flow part adopts the suction type structure,

QYW pneumatic sewage submersible pump. The pump beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, large flow, flow part adopts the suction type structure, the impeller is half open to HT200 materials, can connect red < = 14 mm particles. Sewage capability is strong, not because of the small solid particles or fiber content of suction surface blockage, also won\'t because of abrasive medium of the suction and premature failure. The pump\'s overall structure is simple, convenient installation and maintenance of mobile, containing in the operation of gas and coal dust and absolutely safe and reliable, and the outlet is equipped with advanced novel muffler, greatly reduces the amount of noise, the measured < = 70 db (A), greatly improve the underground working conditions of use.

main technical parameters

Type lift traffic Using the wind pressure Gas consumption Total weight speed Overall dimensions (mm)
&#12288; (m) (m3/h) (mpa) (m/min) (kg) (Revolutions per minute) (L×W×H)
QYW25-45 45~10 25~38 0.4~0.7 5~6 31 3500~4000 350×200×500
QYW25-70 70~10 25~38 0.4~0.7 5~6 31 3500~4000 350×200×500
QYW90-31 90-13 12--31 0.4~0.7 0.4-0.7 <75 25 350×200×500

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