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If you have known something about the working principle of cone crusher, you should know we need to avoid the dust that produces in workink of cone crusher getting into the lubrication system. However, do you know why? If you really do not know that, today our expert will tell you something about it. The reasons that why we need to prevent dust from getting into lubrication system of cone crusher are in the following: Eccentric set of each week, the body and the spindle also follow a eccentric motion trajectory. Main bush to use packing fixed in the eccentric sleeve inner hole, provide a bearing surface for the spindle. By being connected with key fixed on the eccentric sleeve at the top of the big gear driven by small gear on the shaft, eccentric sleeve rotates within the rack bushing. Department of the eccentric sleeve by a group of thrust plate is placed on the bottom cover. A set of thrust or eccentric thrust bearing plate to reduce the set of wear and tear. Between the size of the gear side clearance and tip clearance can be made of increase or decrease the thrust bearing plate gasket to adjust. Normal use of liner wear tend to occur at the edge of the eccentric sleeve of thick, this is normal and expected.In liner wear and bushing should be replaced when the crack of thin. Equipped with a bowl bowl type bracket support of spindle and the crushing force is transmitted to the frame.Through the interference fit and the screw around the bowl bracket tightly consolidation on the rack.It is important to prevent crushing homework dust and abrasive particles into the lubrication system, so as to avoid damage to the crusher in high precision machine parts. The ways of avaoiding dust getting into lubrication system of cone crusher are in the following: Now standard seal, air tightness and watertight form can meet the needs of the flexible sealing. Standard seal using a ring to achieve sealing grease. Generally installed in water supply is restricted or crusher, and portable devices, mostly USES the standard seal. Broken homework dust particularly big, USES the air seal. Water seal device by the bolt type bearing frame on the bowl sink and prevent circle welding on the body. Dust shield device will stop, suspended in a flume of water, and then closed. Either of these three kinds of sealing can effectively prevent the dust into the crusher.
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