Pressure Cooker Test(PCT)

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Brand Name: ASLI
Model Number: PCT-45
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Type: PCT/HAST Accelerated Aging tester
Color: negotiable
Material: negotiable
Certificate: negotiable
Packaging: standard wooden case
temperature: +100 ℃ ~ +132 ℃

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Pressure Cooker Test(PCT)

PCT/HAST Accelerated Aging tester/Performance:
1.temperature : +100 ℃ ~ +132 ℃ ( saturated steam temperature )
2.Humidity : 100% steam humidity
3.Working pressure : 1.5Kg ~ 3.2Kg/cm2 ( design pressure within the barrel 4Kg/cm2) ( absolute pressure )
4.Time range : 000Hr ~ 999Hr. [sales(at)]
5.pressurization time : 0.00Kg ~ 1.04Kg/cm2 approximately 45 minutes
6.uniformity of temperature fluctuation : ± 0.5 ℃
7.Temperature display accuracy : 0.1 ℃
8.pressure fluctuations uniformity : ± 0.2Kg

Pressure Pot Test(PCT)/Mechanical structure :
a.circular inner box, stainless steel round test in the box structure , in line with the container industry safety standards to prevent condensation dripping test design .
b.round pieces lined , stainless steel round pieces of liners designed to avoid the direct impact of the latent heat of the steam test .
c.sophisticated design , good air tightness , water consumption, water can be continuously 400Hrs each operation .
d.patented design makes packing and cabinet doors more closely integrated with the traditional extrusion completely different , extend packing life.
e.way LIMIT critical point automatic safety protection, abnormal causes and fault indicators.
Security :
a.imports of high temperature seal solenoid valve , dual -loop structure, to ensure no leakage pressure .
b.machine is equipped with overpressure protection , overtemperature protection , a key relief , Manual Relief multiple security devices to ensure safe use of the user and to the maximum extent .

Used to test the product stored at high temperatures, high humidity and high temperature stress climate and environment , transport and use performance test , mainly used for electrical and electronic products, components, parts , metal materials and materials in simulated high temperature , under the climatic conditions of high temperature and humidity and pressure on the physical properties of the product as well as other related test , test , test to determine through the performance of the products are able to meet the requirements in order for the product design , improvement, testing and factory inspection using .

Saturated PCT Chamber/Technical advantages:
1.Exclusive use of supplemental features automatic water level , the test never interrupted.
2.temperature during the test , humidity, pressure , is truly read the relevant sensor readings to be displayed , rather than by the temperature and humidity of the saturated vapor pressure tables calculated , can really grasp the actual testing process .
3.Drying designed to terminate the use of electric drying experiment designed to ensure that the test area ( tested chemicals ) dry to ensure stability.
4.Accurate pressure / temperature control display , in full compliance with the requirements of temperature and humidity pressure table .

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