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ASO Foods (ASOF) group is one of the biggest leading diversified exporter and manufacturer. Our products are certified by below certification body, which are certified and controlled by independent third parties.

Organic EU Certificate-Noodle HACCP Certificate
Organic NOP/USDA Certificate-Noodle ISO Certificate
Organic EU Certificate-Pasta SGS Testing Report
Organic NOP/USDA Certificate-Pasta QS Certificate
Vegan Certificate Non-GMO Ingredients
Gluten Free No Preservatives
BRC Certificate No Animal Derived Ingredients
SA8000 Certificate Allergen Control
FDA Certificate

ASOF is proud to offer you a large catalog of the certified products in natural, organic, specialty, ethnic, vegetarian and gourmet food products:

Organic Gluten Free & Vegan Bean Pasta
Organic Soybean Spaghetti/Linguine
Organic Soybean Noodle/Fettuccine
Organic Soybean Sausage Shape
Organic Soybean Chicken Shape
Organic Soybean Shrimp Shape
Organic Black Bean Spaghetti/Linguine
Organic Green Soybean Noodle/Fettuccine
Red Bean Spaghetti/Linguine

Organic & Natural Asian Dry Noodle
Organic Wheat Noodle (Udon/Somen)
Organic Buckwheat Noodle (Lomein/Somen)
Organic Green Tea Buckwheat noodle (Lomein/Somen)
Organic Whole Wheat Noodle
Organic Rice Noodle
Organic Brown Rice Noodle
Organic Barley Noodle
Organic Oat Noodle
Corn Noodle
Spinach Noodle
Tomato Noodle
Celery Noodle
Carrot Noodle
Black Rice Noodle

Gluten Free Noodle
100% Brown Rice Noodle
100% Buckwheat Noodle
Black Rice Noodle
Sweet Potato & Buckwheat Noodle

Nest Quick Noodle- Non Fried
Organic Bean Instant Noodle
Organic Soybean Instant Noodle
Organic Black Bean Instant Noodle
Organic Green Soybean Instant Noodle
Organic Red Bean Instant Noodle
Nest Durum Quick Noodle
Capellini/Angel Hair Pasta
Nest Wheat Quick Noodle
Low fat Quick noodle
Natural Air dried egg noodle
Fried Wheat Quick Noodle

Durum Pasta
Penne Rigate
Fresh Noodle
Soba/Buckwheat Noodle
Mung Bean Vermicelli
Sweet Potato Vermicelli
Pea Vermicelli

At ASOF, all natural and organic products come from our own farms and factories, under direct and strict supervision of the certifying authorities. ASOF food company strives continually to produce highest quality, ethnic foods and competitive price to all our clients.
Ms. Athena Wang

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Tianjin ASO Agricultural Products Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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