Difference Between Paint And Pigment Paste

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Brand Name: CAISON
Model Number: 8302
Place of Origin: CHINA
Color: blue
Material: pigment blue 15:3
Certificate: ISO9001-2008
Product Form: liquid paste
Packaging: 20kg/barrel
Standard: REACH
Feature: paint tinting and coloring

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What's difference between paint and pigment paste? Here we must know the function and definition of paint before answering the differences between paint and pigment paste? Coatings function is coating, which offers a coating on the surface of something, and providing fastness, aesthetics and protection. The application of paint covers almost all aspects of life, such as people's clothing, daily necessities, travel tools, buildings, office supplies, hardware equipment, they are all involved in coating. Architectural coatings ( Interior and exterior) is a common coatings in our lives. And some other materials need special paint, it is special coatings. Such as textile printing paint. How is paint coated on those objects? What is the color of the paint? And what is the composition of the paint? Paint is required to work with binder to coat on the surface of goods. Binder is an important part of the coatings formula. But it can not be used alone, we need some solvent to dissolve it. Different objects need different adhesives. Generally, paint needs colors, and main function of paint color is following: 1. Aesthetically pleasing? 2.Pigment is used as a filler, to adjust the paint viscosity; 3.To improve the performance of paint, such as paint heat-resistant, weather resistance and sunlight fastness. The adding way of paint color is usually that uses liquid pigment color to mix with it. This will not produce a big impact to color vividness and uniformity, and no easy to precipitate. If using pigment powders, the bigger size particles in the paint are easy to precipitate. Then the coatings is hard to store well. If we say that the size of the flour is 80 microns? the pigment paste size is about 1 to 5 microns. So now, we know the difference between paint and pigment paste. Paint is providing the coating for the objects, and pigment paste is providing color for coatings, it is one of important components of paint. The quality of pigment paste will directly affect the paint function. How to choose good pigment paste for coatings? Only the right is the best, the superiority of the pigment color paste must be exhibited through the coating, quality pigment paste will ensure that the paint has the following characteristics and performance: 1. To ensure that the color of the coating is pure and beautiful; 2. To ensure that the coating is flat, no wrinkles, no shrinkage; 3. Higher concentrated pigment paste ensures less addition can show the standard colors; 4. Heavy metal content, formaldehyde content, aromatic amine content and some other insecure trace content in pigment paste should meet related eco-friendly standards; 5. Water-based pigment paste must meet some special functional requirements of water-based paint!

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