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solar water pump for swimming pools 1.Detailed Product Description 1.High quality solar water pump system 2.Solar water pump for agriculture 3.High efficiency 4.Long life time 5.Easy install 2.Product Characteristics It adopts lightning protection, waterfilling, permanent magnet, brushless DC, and non-sensor shielding motor, and MPPT (maximum power point tracking) driving device and has diving depth of 200m, and motor efficiency reaches over 90%. Full-automatic operation, unmanned guarding, apply to photovoltaic and wind power direct power supply (storage battery power supply) 3.Product Use Household water, deep well water, vehicles, ships, reverse osmosis pure water machines, water treatment equipment, filters, spraying devices, purification equipment, cooling systems, and other industries. 4.Accessories Solar Controller, Water Level Sensor, Solar Panel Connecting Line, Waterproof Adhesive Tape, Shrinkable Tube, Cable Connection Pipe Model Introduction.
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