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Brand Name: Wannianfu
Model Number: 003
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 tons
Certificate: ISO9001-2008 JAS HACCP

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Qianxi chestnuts are all of fine shape and brightly color.The kernel which is wrapped in a pellicle(The pellicle can be taken off easily)is delicious,soft and sweet.With a small base and uniform size,the chestnuts are 140pcs to 16-pcs for each kilo in average.Some technical tests indicate that Qianxi chestnuts are rich in nutritions,such as protein,carbonhydrate,dietary fiber,carotin,amino acid and other microelements which are beneficial to the human body.Among them,VC,VE,Iron and Calcium are the highest contents.The nutrient value and taste of Qianxi chestnuts are the best among all the chestnuts grown in China.Beside that Qianxi chestnuts also have very high medicial value.
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