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Production methods Step 1: Produce wood floor joist frame´╝îaccording to the actual size of the wooden doors´╝îinstall lock wood, finger-joint material would be better. In order to prevent wood floor joist from deformation,sawing 4-5 incisions in the longitudinal direction of the wooden frame, direction is parallel to the door plane, perpendicular to the wooden frame, distance between incision is 400 mm, front and Back alternate with, depth for 5- 10 mm. In order to put pressure in the process of moisture balance and water play, drilling 2-3 vents in the width direction of the wood frame,direction is parallel to the door plane, perpendicular to the wooden frame, bore of 5-10mm, post curing pressure after fully the vent densification. Cutting chipboard according to the wooden door frame size. Step 2: Using glue machine and gluing uniformly in density board. While artificial coating, the coating should be uniform .With the glue-spread of 180-230 grams per M2 and do not glue in door core. Step 3: Put the joist on the density board coated with plastic and put particle board in the middle. The direction of the hole is the longitudinal direction. Nail gun is used to connect between joists and joists, joists and particle boards. Clearance is required between chipboards and wooden frames. At both sides in the direction of the vertical hole, clearance is required between joists and particle boards(when in hot pressing, it should leave 5-8mm; while in cold pressing, it should leave 10-15mm). When in small assembly, 5-6mm gap is need to leave between the boards at both sides with holes. Step 4: Cover another density board which is coated with plastic and then put into the press after alignment.

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