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Steel is a metal screen a variety of industries. Also known as wire mesh, iron wire mesh, metal mesh, perforated plate expansion, etc. Sheet metal is through a special mechanical (steel net punching and shearing machine) after processing, mesh condition for forming a material object. 1. Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, nickel plate and other metal plate. 2. Weaving and characteristics: stamping, stretching, beautiful and generous, strong and durable. 3. Surface treatment: PVC dipping plastic (plastic bags, plastic spraying, plastic coated), hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized, etc. 4. The steel product use: Mainly used in civil engineering batch of cement, machinery and equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker net. Highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road greening fence. Heavy steel plate net can be used in the fuel pedal net, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives and tonner steamship work platform, escalators, walkways. Can also be used for construction, roads, Bridges reinforced with. Now because of science and technology to further improve, steel plate net can not only on the metal plate processing, but also for paper making, is the superior material of the paper filter products. Nowadays, in the most suitable for rail fence netting material is steel. Can be customized according to customer requirement.

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