Pig/Poultry Farming Equipment--CCM With PVC Frame That Can Reduce Temperature An

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Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 sets
Type: Pig/Poultry farming equipment--CCM with PVC frame that can reduce
Material: PVC

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We are a professional factory for producing Pig Farming Equipment. We can produce products per customer\'s requirements. Our factory found in 1996. We have exported products to all over the world for about 17 years. We have also designed and built many large pig farm projects in China. We can offer a complete selection of swine production equipment including Feeding Equipment, Drinking Equipment, Ventilation System, Feed Storage Equipment, Feed Delivery System, PVC confinement, Heating Equipment, Flooring and so on. In regard to cool cell module, we can offer two kinds: CCM with PVC frame and CCM with aluminum alloy frame. We can make per your requirements. Please check following for the details of CCM with PVC frame: 1. CCM is short for cool cell module. CCP is short for cool cell pad. CCM include CCP+frame. Its main function is to reduce temperature and keep wet. 2. The frame is made from PVC. It\'s durable. 3. In regard to the dimension, we can make per your requirements. In regard to CCP, please check following for the features: 1. The cool cell pad made of new material and with new technology, good water-absorbing performance, anti-mildew, anti-corrosive and long lasting. 2. Large surface area with surfactant guarantees good water absorption, fast spread speed and effective cooling capacity. 3. Frame can be made in PVC profile, aluminum alloy and exclusive PVC profileļ¼Œsize can be customized. There are two kinds of CCP. The only difference is paper. Paper can be imported abroad or bought inland. But the quality of the paper is different. We can make per your requirements.

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